Advantages of the CardiArc Cardiac SPECT System

Image Quality

When image quality matters - and when doesn't it matter? - CardiArc® delivers the best available.

Resolution - CardiArc® images are the sharpest available - often sharper than PET. Sharper images more clearly identify defect margins. Sharper images better define perfusion in low-flow regions - especially useful when evaluating myocardial viability. Click here for an example.

Higher lesion contrast - CardiArc's higher resolution results in less partial volume effect than other systems. This results in images which more clearly demonstrate the differences in perfusion between myocardial regions. The result - less "gray zone" images. Click here for an example.

Less background 'fog' - Much of the diffuse “background” activity in lung regions and elsewhere is actually due to a subtle blurring caused by the camera's response function (wide FWTM). This is present in all cameras using parallel-hole or fan-beam collimators, i.e. all other cameras on the market. This 'fog' reduces overall image quality by reducing the image's signal-to-noise ratio. CardiArc's sharp response function reduces this 'fog', thereby improving signal-to-noise and target-to-background ratios. Click here for an example.

Less motion artifact - The main cause of patient motion is an uncomfortable patient!

CardiArc® reduces motion artifact four ways:

Comfort - CardiArc® is designed from the ground up for patient comfort (see section below). The relaxed, seated position is natural and familiar. Shoulder pain is absent.
Speed - It is much easier to remain motionless for a 2-4 minute CardiArc® acquisition than for a 10-20 minute study on a conventional system.
Stability - The patient is stabilized by gravity, by the seat back, by the detector arc and by their own arms resting right on the detector. No more insecurity from balancing on a narrow 'plank' - particularly important for heavier patients.
Multiple angles simultaneously - The unique ability of CardiArc® to image from multiple angles at once, makes the reconstructed images much less susceptable to motion-induced artifacts.

Patient satisfaction

After all, what is imaging for, if not for the patient?

No more arms over the head - Ask any patient. Holding their arms over the head causes significant discomfort, especially for older and arthritic individuals. CardiArc® completely eliminates this discomfort. Completely!

No more claustrophobia - Some patients experience an agony of fear when 500 pound camera heads are suspended just over their chest. Patients often feel trapped or confined in conventional systems. The CardiArc® system is completely open with nothing suspended over the chest or head. The side of CardiArc® is wide open. Seeing that they can easily exit the machine whenever desired allows patients to relax and feel at ease. The absence of visible moving parts eliminates anxiety about becoming “trapped”.

Speed - Set-up time is reduced to seconds; scan time to scant minutes. The most frequent comment at the end of a scan is “You mean it's done already??Click here for more information on CardiArc’s rapid scan capabilities.

Reduce radiation exposure - CardiArc's high imaging speed can be used several ways:
a) Perform very rapid scans.
b) Perform standard-length scans and use much lower tracer doses.
c) Do some of each and get the best of both worlds - shorter scans and lower patient exposure.

You choose what's best for your patient and your practice.

Benefits to the Technologist

The human part of good images. No other camera cares about the technologist like CardiArc®.

Built-in radiation shielding - The greatest radiation exposure to a technologist is not from a syringe of tracer, it's from the patient. In large imaging rooms, technologist exposure can be reduced by keeping a distance from the patient. In the small imaging rooms of a modern Cardiology practice, this is impossible. The technologist may be forced to choose between limiting their radiation exposure versus staying in sight of their patient. The built-in radiation shielding of CardiArc® lets the technologist stay close to their patient and keep their own radiation exposure down. No other system provides this.

No detector setup - Detector positioning is constant for all patients. There is no positioning of detectors for individual patients. No other system provides this.

No orbit mapping - CardiArc's detectors do not orbit. No testing is needed to avoid detector collisions. Ever.

No restaining patients' arms - Arms are never raised over the head in CardiArc®. Positioning is natural, relaxed and comfortable.

No time wasted centering the heart in the orbit - Just slide the patient into the seat and raise or lower the chair to put the detector arc at the left armpit. Voila! Positioning is complete! A glance on the persistance screen to confirm, and you're ready to go.

The fastest QC in the business - Regular QC is a piece of cake. No more lugging heavy flood sources around. Get on with your day.

Great images. Smiling patients. No wasted time - That's what CardiArc® is all about!

Benefits to the Practice

CardiArc recognizes that a medical practice is also a business.

Can be placed anywhere
- The CardiArc® system can be placed anywhere in your office. In fact, it can be placed almost anywhere you can fit an echo machine. Click here for site planning diagrams.

No remodeling costs - The CardiArc® system fits through any office door. No tearing down walls to install a scanner. No special power required - runs from any wall outlet. No special air conditioning needed - total power consumption is <350 watts. Light floor loading, so no steel floor 'supports' are needed. Click here for general specifications.

High throughput - Scan more patients in less time. Scan the same number of patients, but use less personel hours. Reduce re-do scans caused by patient motion.

Satisfied patients - We don't have to tell you why this is important!