CardiArc News Releases

Emory University Hospital to Evaluate & Research CardiArc SPECT System
- August 28, 2007

"CardiArc, Inc. today announced that researchers at Emory University Hospital will perform evaluations in clinical settings of the design and performance of the company’s CardiArc SPECT system."

CardiArc Announces Independent Research Program for New SPECT Imaging System
- May 30, 2007

"Cleveland Clinic will receive the first commercially manufactured unit, which is expected to be installed in July. Other agreements are in the works and will be announced soon...."

CardiArc, Inc. Names Manufacturer; VP of Sales & Marketing
– May 14, 2007

"CardiArc, Inc. today announced manufacturing of its new, innovative SPECT system, the CardiArc® scanner, is now underway following an agreement with Creative Technology Services (CTS) of Canton, Michigan...."

"The company also announced the appointment of Terry Garner as vice president of sales and marketing.... "

CardiArc, Ltd. Opens $4 Million Round of Financing - FDA-approved heart scanner headed to manufacturing
- July 31, 2006

"CardiArc, Inc. today announced it has opened a final round of financing which will raise $4 million to expand company operations and begin manufacturing its FDA-approved heart imaging system this fall...."

CardiArc, Ltd. Receives New Patent Allowances - FOVea™ “Edge Effect” Technology Expands Scanners’ View
- May 31, 2006

"CardiArc, Inc. today announced it has received additional Notices of Allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office bringing to 30 the number of patents issued or pending surrounding the company’s ultra-compact CardiArc® heart imaging system...."

CardiArc Ltd. Receives FDA Approval
to Market New Hi-Res Imaging Device

SPECT system scans twice as fast – with X2 resolution – fits any exam room
- January 25, 2006

"CardiArc Ltd. today announced it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its new cardiac SPECT imaging device which could lead to better cardiac diagnosis and fewer hospitalizations to rule out heart attacks. Physicians will soon have sharper images of blood flow and function of their patients’ hearts – in half the time previously required...."

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