Extrinsic (System) Resolution

Below are links to system (extrinsic) resolution measurements for CardiArc®. Please note that these are extrinsic values, i.e. full system including collimation, rather than the intrinsic (detector-only) measurements often advertised.

Quantitative measurtements:

Measurements of planar resolution

Measurements of reconstructed SPECT resolution

Summary of the methods used for these measurements


Resolution phantom images:

Jaszczak phantom image comparisons

Points to note:

  • Both planar and reconstructed system resolutions with CardiArc exceed that of any comparable SPECT system.

  • CardiArc's reconstructed resolution at the depth of the heart in the chest exceeds that of any PET scanner available today.

  • These are extrinsic resolution measurements, made with all collimation in position, i.e. the actual configuration for clinical imaging.