CardiArc® Site Planning Diagrams

CardiArc® can fit in the smallest of examination rooms.
Not only can it fit there, it can scan there, too!

Just because a scanner can be fit into a small room does not mean that it is practical to use it there.

Some points to consider when choosing a camera for a small room:

  • Does the entire system - including computer, acquisition unit, collimator stand, power conditioner, etc - fit in the room. Everything the CardiArc system needs is built-in and self-contained.
  • Most locales require a minimum clearance distance between moving machinery (e.g. a camera head) and the nearest wall. Will you be able to comply? CardiArc has no external moving parts. It can, therefore, be placed right against a wall, if desired.
    Does the scanner provide sufficient radiation shielding to allow the technologist to remain in the room with the patient? Only CardiArc provides built-in technologist shielding.
  • Is there room for the door to open and close without striking the patient, the technologist or the scanner?
  • Can the patient be positioned in the scanner without climbing over cables or machinery?
  • Can the technologist operate the system, position the patient and reach the patient in an emergency without climbing over cables or equipment?

Floor space diagrams for CardiArc®

Click on a thumbnail image below to get a floor diagram showing a typical CardiArc® room arrangement:


6 x 7 feet
Plenty of space to do the job
7 x 9 feet
Lots of room
Note extra space for chair, etc.
8 x 10 feet
Luxuriously roomy!