Fraud spike forces bus company to ban online banks and cut mobile contactless limits


Fraud spike forces bus company to ban online banks and cut mobile contactless limits

An Essex bus company has banned customers from Monzo and Revolut from using their smartphones to pay for fares and has slashed mobile contactless limits to just £10 following a spike in debit and credit fraud across the network.

CB Contactless Card

Shop and tap using your contactless Commercial Bank Credit or Debit card for up to QAR 300 without PIN. No need to insert your card nor enter your PIN, just tap it over the POS machine without handing the card to the cashier. Practice good hygiene. #CBcares #GoDigital

Contactless Payments – #RediscoverYourCard

Relive your childhood memories when everything was easy and fun. Just tap and pay with your Standard Chartered contactless credit card and enjoy faster checkouts every time! To know more,
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Contactless Card and Mobile Phone Security

Your Visa contactless card and mobile phone are very secure ways to pay. Have a look at the security features that keep you and your bank account safe.

How to disable the remote reading of your contactless card

How to disable the remote reading of your contactless card

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Walmart prepares to step into the metaverse


Walmart prepares to step into the metaverse

Trademark filings reveal Walmart’s plans to create its own cryptocurrency and a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), suggesting the retailer’s appetite to make and sell virtual goods in the metaverse.

Utopia VR – Walmart is quietly preparing to enter the metaverse

Walmart is quietly preparing to enter the metaverse

Experience the future today at Utopia VR. It works with a computer (desktop/laptop), VR Headset or a mobile device. Check it out at

#walmart #shopping #grocery #onlineshopping #vr #virtualreality #metaverse #UtopiaVR #MyUtopiaVR

Walmart preparing to enter the Metaverse


STRANGE PRICES AT DOLLAR GENERAL!!! – This Is Crazy! – What Now!? – Daily Vlog!

In today’s vlog we are at Dollar General, and are noticing very strange price increases! We are here to check out skyrocketing prices, and the empty shelves situation! It’s getting rough out here as stores seem to be struggling with getting products! Thank you so much for watching, and we’ll see you in the next video!

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*Intro/Outro written and created by Danno

This is how #Walmart envisions Shopping in the #Metaverse. #shopping

�� Show Notes ��

This is how #Walmart envisions Shopping in the #Metaverse. #shopping

FTX files for US bankruptcy protection; Bankman-Fried quits


FTX files for US bankruptcy protection; Bankman-Fried quits

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX says it has started the process of for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US, and that founder Sam Bankman-Fried is stepping down as CEO.

The Fall Of FTX And Sam Bankman-Fried

Sam Bankman-Fried and his crypto companies poured billions of dollars into the industry after the Terra-Luna stable coin crisis. As recently as September, Bankman-Fried told CNBC that his exchange, FTX, had $1 billion in cash cash to deploy at any given moment
It seemed like Bankman-Fried had become the so-called ‘white knight’ of crypto, the lender of last resort for an entire industry. And for a while, things were looking up. The price of bitcoin and other currencies leveled out and developers continued to build new projects.
But now? Nearly six months to the day after Terra Luna collapsed, FTX has filed for bankruptcy protection and Bankman-Fried faces investigations from U.S. regulators and the Department of Justice.

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The Fall Of FTX And Sam Bankman-Fried

Crypto exchange FTX files for bankruptcy | GMA

Sam Bankman-Fried is stepping down as CEO of FTX as his crypto exchange files for bankruptcy.

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FTX chief Sam Bankman-Fried resigns as crypto exchange giant collapses

Crypto exchange giant FTX files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as backlash ensues over the company’s collapse.

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FTX Files for Bankruptcy Protections in US; Sam Bankman-Fried Resigns

Crypto exchange FTX announced that it is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and Sam Bankman-Fried has stepped down from his role as CEO but will “remain to assist in an orderly transition.” CoinDesk Global Policy & Regulation Managing Editor Nikhilesh De weighs in.

Central banks develop prototypes for cross-border CBDC interoperability


Central banks develop prototypes for cross-border CBDC interoperability

The Bank for International Settlements and the central banks of Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa have developed two prototypes for a shared platform that could enable international settlements using digital currencies issued by multiple central banks.

China’s CBDC Gets a New Trick! Interoperability: It can now exchange with other CBDCs.

The “Multiple CBDC Bridge” is the final piece of the China CBDC puzzle and brings us one-step closer to free and immediate CBDC transfer.

Hong Kong Monetary Authority, PBOC, Bank of Thailand and Bank of UAE and the BIS Innovation Team building transfer bridge for CBDCs called m-CBDC.

m-CBDC connects China’s CBDC with trial CBDCs from UAE and Thailand. Technically tricky because CBDCs all use custom tech.

Let’s break this down as to why this is important:

1) Interoperability makes for free and immediate cash transfer. The utopian dream realized?

2) UAE and Thailand are both BRI countries and already trade in RMB

3) Network is DLT so blockchain fans rejoice

4) Signals the end of bank cash transfer revenue

5) Is Hong Kong the new international transfer center for China’s CBDC?

6) RMB internationalization continues. No SWIFT no $US in use.

7) Will m-CBDC be open to all CBDCs? Its likely, also likely there will be many different transfer centers. US center vs. China center.

So will the DLT network run on China’s new Blockchain Service Network? If so China just built critical financial infrastructure.

International transfer of China’s CBDC is taking shape.

See the plan?

Thanks for reading, please like, comment and connect with me for more on China’s #fintech #innovation and #technology

Options for access to and interoperability of CBDCs for cross-border payments

Central banks must make critical choices on the access of non-residents and foreign financial institutions to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), as well as ensuring multinational interoperability, to fully harness the potential for CBDCs to enhance cross-border payments. This is the main conclusion of a joint report released by the BIS Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures, The BIS Innovation Hub, the IMF and the World Bank.

Central bank digital currencies, digital payments, and the future of money

Speakers discuss plans and challenges for the digital payments era and explore what the future might bring for money and payments from the perspectives of the private and public sectors.

This session is part of the BIS Innovation Summit 2022:

Speakers: Stefan Ingves (Governor, Sveriges Riksbank), Patrick Njoroge (Governor, Central Bank of Kenya), Gary Gorton (Professor, Yale University) and Jose Antonio Alvarez (Chief Executive Officer, Santander Group).

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Project mCBDC Bridge

Bénédicte Nolens, Head of BIS Innovation Hub Centre Hong Kong, discusses Project mCBDC Bridge and its aim to leverage distributed ledger technology to alleviate the current pain points in making cross-border fund transfers.

Plaid launches A2A payments programme


Plaid launches A2A payments programme

In the wake of a failed takeover by Visa, open banking platform Plaid is making a move into account-to-account payments.

Visa Direct – A2A Overview

See how Visa Direct helps enable faster and simpler payments between accounts at different financial institutions.

Learn more at

Improving the ACH transaction experience

Overview of Plaid Integration flow

This video will review all the components of a Standard Plaid Integration and how they interact with your application and Plaid.

Yi Wang – an amazing consultant on the Plaid Implementation team – will show you all the critical integration points and share some best practices to build world-class applications using Plaid.

Plaid Auth Full Tutorial

Plaid Auth lets you retrieve a user’s account and routing numbers from their checking and savings accounts, making it easy for you to initiate transfers through ACH. In this full tutorial, we’ll go over how to get started with Plaid Auth, how to retrieve this information, how to create processor tokens, and how to implement alternate auth flows, so you can cover nearly all banks in the US.

You can find the sample application at Code along with us! It’s a lot more fun that way, and you’ll learn a lot, too.

Other Important Links:
Getting Started with Plaid video tutorial:
Plaid webhook tutorial:
Test in Sandbox documentation:

0:00 – Intro
0:30 – What is Auth?
2:36 – Installing the sample app
6:35 – Running the sample app
8:27 – Fetching Auth info
11:12 – The /auth/get response object
14:18 – Intro to Processor tokens
15:29 – Creating a Processor token
18:00 – Instant Match
19:45 – Automated Micro-deposits
22:05 – Tracking our Auth status
26:22 – Updating our app’s UI
28:43 – Speeding up Automated Micro-deposits in Sandbox
30:56 – Using auth webhooks
33:16 – Instant Match vs Automated Micro-deposits
35:11 – Same Day Micro-deposits
38:09 – Verifying Same Day Micro-deposits
41:25 – Caveats around Same Day Micro-deposits
43:27 – Comparing the Auth flows
44:18 – Auth type select
45:30 – We made it!

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Intro music by SergeQuadrado from PixaBay
Outro music by Coma-Media from Pixabay

Revolut rolls out consumer loans in Romania


Revolut rolls out consumer loans in Romania

Revolut has announced that Romanian customers are able to apply for consumer loans in their local currency.

Revolut Business Account Review | Setup, Benefits, Fees & Comparison

This Revolut Business Account review looks closely at the benefits & fees of Revolut Business, and compares other business account providers including Starling, Monese and Wise Business. We also share our experience of using Revolut Business at Monito and the type of companies we feel will benefit from using it.

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Monito is an independent comparison platform and publisher. Our product and service reviews — like this one — are produced independently by our employees, and recommendations given are our own.

0:00 Intro
0:25 Revolut at a Glance
0:48 Who can open a Revolut Business account?
1:55 What does the Revolut Business account offer?
3:07 Inbound and outbound transfers
5:07 Monito’s experience using Revolut Business
6:25 What are the various account plans?
8:58 Additional fees
9:33 Is a Revolut Business account right for you?
10:25 Revolut Business compared to Starling, Monese & Wise Business

Wise vs Revolut – Who Should YOU Choose? | Review & Comparison

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In this Wise vs Revolut video we’ll be taking a close look at both companies, comparing their various services and fees to help you decide which you should choose. Within this review video we’ve shared the similarities and differences of both companies in order to help you make an informed and wise decision ��

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Monito is an independent comparison platform and publisher. Our product and service reviews — like this one — are produced independently by our employees, and recommendations given are our own.

0:00 Intro
0:25 Revolut and Wise at a glance
1:28 Basic differences
2:39 Fees and costs
4:09 ATM withdrawal fees
5:17 Spending abroad
6:51 Receiving money
7:44 Customer satisfaction
8:49 Negative reviews
9:12 Who should you choose?

Money Myths about Revolut and Loan Applications debunked ��

Revolut: How Digital Banking Alternatives Are Helping Customers Take Back Control

Dear banks, Game Over. Disruptive challenger banks are here to wipe the floor with traditional banks, who have, according to Chad West, head of comms and marketing at challenger bank Revolut, failed to make their offering open and transparent to customers, and failed to give them control over their money. Digital bank alternative Revolut has scaled to 1.8 million customers in three years – and now offers cryptocurrency processing.

Experts and business leaders from the worlds of Energy, Money and Retail gathered at Kings Place, London, for WIRED Smarter on October 9, 2018. Discover some of the fascinating insights from speakers here:

WIRED events shine a spotlight on the innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs who are changing our world for the better. Explore this channel for videos showing on-stage talks, behind-the-scenes action, exclusive interviews and performances from our roster of events. Join us as we uncover the most relevant, up-and-coming trends and meet the people building the future.

WIRED brings you the future as it happens – the people, the trends, the big ideas that will change our lives. An award-winning printed monthly and online publication. WIRED is an agenda-setting magazine offering brain food on a wide range of topics, from science, technology and business to pop-culture and politics.


Worldline releases A2A white label payments product for online businesses


Worldline releases A2A white label payments product for online businesses

Worldline has released an account-to-account (A2A) payment offering that enables online businesses to launch their own custom-branded payment method.

WL Digital Currency Showcase

How to store digital currencies (also known as Stablecoin) in your mobile wallet and make transactions in your everyday life?
Follow Nicolas and Clement to learn how digital currency works in three daily scenarios: online payment, offline payment, and in-store transactions.

To learn more about Worldline’s stablecoin technology and offerings:

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What will be the user experience for the new account-based payments?

These payments are the new way of paying your online purchases based on credit transfer from your bank account using a mobile application.
This video shows the user experience of this new payment method.

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Worldline Financial Services

We engineer the most trusted and advanced payment processing solutions

As leading European payment service provider, Worldline combines long-standing proven expertise in traditional mass payment systems (issuing, acquiring, intra- and interbank payment processing) and innovative e-commerce and mobile payment solutions.

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Valina reinvents unattended payments

Discover the video interview of Luc Luyckx, Product Manager,
& Stefaan Van den Mooter, International Account Manager.

Sweden `s Riksbank exits Phase 2 of CBDC technical tests


Sweden's Riksbank exits Phase 2 of CBDC technical tests

Sweden's central bank has extended its contract with Accenture as supplier for its CBDC experimental project for a further year following the completion of Phase 2 technical trials.

What is a multi-CBDC? How can we prevent it?

#crypto #caligirlcrypto #cbdc #bitcoin

Defining CBDC Discrimination

CBDC access tiering based on User Account is a “risk based approach” founded on your financial behavior to tier and impose limitations on your transactions and what you would be allowed to do with a Central Bank Digital Currency.

#cbdc #centralbankdigitalcurrency #shorts

Agustín Carstens: Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) vs. Bitcoin – Shorts presents:

In this video, Agustín Carsten, The General Manager of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), explains the difference between CBDCs and decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

#cryptocurrency #cbdc #bitcoin #decentralization

FREE: Get The Perfect Cryptocurrency Evaluation Process™

How to evaluate new cryptocurrencies that you’ve never heard of before, by using a simple, easy-to-follow process that will let you stop wasting time and money, avoid scams, and enable you to identify strong performing coins and tokens.

Leave me your comments and let me know what you would like me to cover in future cryptocurrency clips!

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Breaking News Tucker Carlson Expose Central Bank CBDC Agenda!

Deep State corruption to destroy the cash economy and institute a CBDC. Tucker Carlson Expose Central Bank CBDC agenda. If there is ever a point we need to Draw the Line. CBDC can never happen in America PERIOD. #breakingnews #foxnews #trending

Mastercard rolls out open banking payments tools


Mastercard rolls out open banking payments tools

Mastercard has unveiled a pair of open banking tools designed to improve predictability and transparency in digital account-to-account payments for merchants.

The future of payments – Paul Stoddart – Mastercard

In this keynote, Mastercard’s President of New Payments Platforms, Paul Stoddart, discusses the future of payments, and real-time payments, and as we see more and more markets implement a real-time payments platform, what the future looks like for digital ID, Blockchain, and other payments innovations.

The SUMMIT is Canada’s premier payments conference. Canada is undergoing a massive transformation in its payments ecosystem. The SUMMIT is the ideal meeting point for the payments community to exchange ideas on the future-state of the payments industry. Canada has a leading role to play in evolving the global payments ecosystem, and The SUMMIT is the place where we will see this transformation in action and the impact it will have on us as a nation, as an industry, and as individuals. Learn more at

#ModernPayments #blockchain #RealTimePayments #DigitalID #Mastercard #PayCanSUMMIT

How get started with the US Open Banking APIs

First, I should quickly explain what I mean by Open Banking. Simply put, it allows the owner of a bank account to grant third-party access to that bank account. They can control what accounts can be seen, how long that access can be granted for and for what purpose.

The bank account owner (your customer) feels safe doing this because they are authenticating directly with their bank, using their online banking credentials, confident that the third party won’t see or store them.

The beauty of the US Open Banking API is that it handles the connections to all the banks (10,000+ US connections), provides a secure dialog so the account holder can authenticate, and caches the financial data so when you execute a query it comes back quickly (not having to make a round trip to the bank every time).

So, let’s dive into the video which will walk you through how to get started with the API. It will cover how to register on Mastercard Developers, create a project and add the US Open Banking API to that project, get the API credentials you need to access the API, run the Postman Collection, authenticate with the API, create a Test Customer, allow that customer to connect to their bank and grant access to one or more accounts. It will then show you how to pull that list of accounts back, query transactions, and create test transactions.

It looks like a lot but, as you will see from the video, these steps are fast and intuitive.


· 00:00 Introduction
· 00:55 Register on Mastercard Developers
· 01:53 Overview of Open Banking flow
· 03:41 Create a project
· 05:32 Run the Postman Collection
· 08:06 Authenticate
· 09:15 Create a test customer
· 12:05 Connect to the bank account
· 14:55 Refresh customer account data
· 16:05 Query transactions
· 17:30 Create test transactions

Mastercard launches open banking payments tools

#Mastercard has unveiled a pair of open banking tools designed to improve predictability and transparency in digital account-to-account payments for merchants.

Breaking Banks Europe Podcast: Where Does The Money Go? Business Accelerators

In this episode of #BBE, Matthias Kroener leads us in an analysis of the environment given the recent dramatically changed market and asked our experts what their role in this ecosystem is and what decisions can help entrepreneurs survive it. In the current market environment, entrepreneurs may be struggling to find funding opportunities and cash sources. However, as Daniel Twal (ISDI) and Kaan Akın (Hackquarters) experts in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation, explain, there are always opportunities for those willing to fight for their dreams. Despite the current economic climate, which includes COVID-19, the Ukraine war, and an interest rate environment that increases competition for investments, there are still ways for entrepreneurs to secure funding.

Meet the guests:
Kaan Akın – Founder, Hackquarters

Daniel Twal – Head of Corporate Innovation, IDSI Accelerator & IMPACT Accelerator

Fintech founders and CEOs call on Government to speed up Kalifa reforms


Fintech founders and CEOs call on Government to speed up Kalifa reforms

In an open letter to the UK Government, almost 70 fintech founders and CEOs have called for further progress in implementing the reforms advocated by the Kalifa Review into financial services.

Katlego Maphai, Yoco CEO – In 2013, Launching a Fintech Company in South Africa Was Very Hard

Katlego Maphai is the CEO and Co-Founder of Yoco, one of the largest Fintech companies in South Africa. Without a doubt, he’s one of the tech pioneers in African fintech. Although they’ve built a very large company today, the early days were not easy!

Full episode ����


Miguel Armaza is Co-Founder & General Partner of Gilgamesh Ventures, a seed-stage investment fund focused on fintech in the Americas. He also hosts the Fintech Leaders podcast, a weekly newsletter & podcast featuring exclusive interviews with unique leaders reshaping the global financial industry. You can subscribe at

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#Business #Fintech #Entrepreneurship #Finance #venturecapital

Putting the Customer First | Fintech Founders: Customer Centricity

Historically, financial services companies have not been focused on solutions that prioritise customers. But the modern consumer is over what Anne Boden dubs “bland commercialism”. They want products that help them in their day-to-day lives – and not just in fintech, but across all industries. They want an experience that solves their problems and helps them reach their goals. Once challenger banks like Starling, OakNorth, Monzo and Revolut launched their propositions, customer centricity became the focus of every institution’s proposition. But what IS customer centricity?

Find out from the leaders of the UK’s most successful #fintech start-ups in this never-before-seen footage from our documentary, 11:YEARS – The Rise of UK Fintech. Hear straight from the leaders of the UK’s fastest growing neobanks exactly what customer centricity means to them and their businesses.

Intel Corporation $INTC Q4 2022 Earnings Call

Intel Corporation $INTC Q4 2022 Earnings Call

Listen to the latest conference call between the company and financial analysts or investors as they discuss the company’s financial performance. During the call, company executives, including the CEO and CFO, provide an overview of the financial results, discuss the company’s performance and strategy, and answer questions from analysts and investors. Earnings calls are typically conducted via teleconference and are open to the public, although they may also be webcast or recorded and made available for later playback. Earnings calls provide an opportunity for investors and analysts to get more information about the company’s financial performance and to ask questions about the company’s business.

Overall, listening to an earnings call can help investors and analysts get a better understanding of a company’s financial performance and future prospects, which can inform their investment decisions.

Please visit the company’s investor relations website for more information.

Circle CEO on fintech’s developments in crypto

#fintech #crypto #bitcoin
In an interivew with Yahoo Finance’s Jennifer Schonberger Jeremy Allaire Circle Co-Founder & CEO discusses Facebook’s Novi digital wallet.
Don’t Miss: Valley of Hype: The Culture That Built Elizabeth Holmes

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