Chancellor asks Royal Mint to create NFT


Chancellor asks Royal Mint to create NFT

The UK government has commissioned the Royal Mint to create an NFT as part of a push to make the country a "global hub for cryptoasset technology".

Paramount won’t stop making Star Trek NFTs | How to make money with NFTs, Metaverse and Defi in 2022

In this video, you will get to know about Paramount won’t stop making Star Trek NFTs and how to make money with NFTs, Metaverse and Defi in 2022.

In this video, you will get to know about British Tressury to launch Royal Mint NFT and how to make money with NFTs, Metaverse and Defi in 2022.

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UK Minting NFTs, Nike Misunderstands NFTs and the SEC wants to control Crypto

UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak is to launch a NFT through the Royal Mint as part of a drive to make the UK a “global cryptoasset hub”. This move by the UK is a pleasing one as the country begins by looking to regulate Stablecoins first.

Online reseller StockX has said that images of Nike sneakers it sells as NFTs do not violate Nike trademarks, arguing that Nike had shown a “fundamental misunderstanding” of NFTs by suing them last month.

SEC Commission Chair Gary Gensler said that his agency is aiming to exercise greater regulatory oversight of the $2 trillion cryptocurrency market to protect investors from an onslaught of scams. This includes working to separate out the custody of assets to minimize risk.

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Hosted by Claire Ross-Brown

00:00 Intro
00:34 UK minting NFTs
02:34 Nike lawsuit
04:40 Deep Dive with CCD
05:28 Norway’s mining
08:00 Interview with Claus Skaaning

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How to buy your first NFT | School of Block

Listen, if you want to enjoy the unlimited possibilities of NFTs, you’re going to need to know how to navigate this daunting quest.

The problem is that the jargon, marketplaces and drops are equally mind boggling if you’re new to the space. And that’s why today I’m going to take you through a STEP by STEP journey to buying your first NFT.

Fren, you’ve taken your first step into a larger world.

Sections in this video
0:00 Intro
1:19 The world of NFTs
3:04 NFT jargon
4:32 How to identify which NFT you want to buy
5:55 Difference between buying and minting
9:19 What to watch out for
10:29 How to store your NFT
12:25 Potential use-cases for your NFT
13:40 Wrapping it up

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Coins vs. Bars vs. Digital

Buying bullion is an exciting prospect, but if you’re new to precious metals, you might not be aware of all the purchasing options that are available. As you might expect, today, the most common way to buy or trade gold, silver or platinum is online. However, how you interact with it depends on whether you decide to take physical ownership of your bullion in the form of either a bar or coin, or digital ownership via a precious metals programme.

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China `s digital yuan wallet arrives in Android and Apple app stores


China's digital yuan wallet arrives in Android and Apple app stores

China's central bank has launched its CBDC wallet app on the Android and Apple app stores as it gears up for the forthcoming Winter Olympics.

How China’s digital yuan works

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China’s digital currency – explained!

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China launched its digital currency, the DCEP (Digital Currency Electonic Payment). In this video we explore why and how the country decided to go digital. What is the Digital Yuan? How does the Digital Currency work? Is DCEP a cryptocurrency? Is the digital Yuan blockchain based?

The Story Behind – Episode 72

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China’s Digital Yuan Wallet App Gets 16 Million Downloads In Its First Week

China’s pilot e-CNY wallet application topped 16 million downloads in the first week after its launch. It is widely expected to be officially launched during the Beijing Winter Olympics in February.

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China’s Digital currency: E-CNY Wallet arrives in App Store before the 2022 Winter Olympic Games

000 residents. While the e-CNY wallet app is the official platform for the digital yuan – also known as Digital Currency Electronic Payment – the currency is also accessible through electronic wallets of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China China has said that the digital yuan will be made available to foreign visitors without a Chinese bank account during the Winter Olympics developed by the Digital Currency Research Institute under the People’s Bank of China giving consumers few incentives to switch to the digital yuan. About 140 million Chinese residents had opened a digital yuan account as of October 2021 Suzhou offered a total of 20 million digital yuan to 100 The digital yuan Bank of China E-CNY Wallet arrives in App Store before the 2022 Winter Olympic Games China has made a key step forward in its ambitious push to develop a sovereign digital currency by opening its e-CNY wallet app for public download in the country’s iOS and Android app stores. The trial version of the digital yuan app according to Ant Group’s prospectus for its since-derailed IPO. To entice users to try the digital yuan 000 digital red packets containing 200 yuan each. Two months later

Italy `s illimity buys 50% stake in Banca Sella `s open banking unit


Italy's illimity buys 50% stake in Banca Sella's open banking unit

Italian digital bank illimity has reached an agreement to buy a 50% stake in Hype, the open banking outfit owned by Banca Sella.

Italy Racks Up Orders for 50-Year Bonds

Jul.09 — Italy is locking in lower borrowing costs, the latest European country to take advantage of plunging bond yields. Bloomberg’s Lisa Abramowicz reports on “Bloomberg Markets: The Close.”

The Sexy Italian watch that is a must have!

Want a different Meca-quartz? Check this one out!

What’s the Future for Italy’s Luxury Goods Industry?

Mar.27 — Michele Norsa, former chief executive officer of Salvatore Ferragamo SpA, discusses the Italian luxury goods market and his thoughts on how Gucci revolutionized the industry. David Riley, chief investment strategist at BlueBay Asset Management, also comments on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Beat Inflation and High Costs of Living! Move to Italy!

Wow! I just suffered massive sticker shock at the supermarket! Healthcare costs and grocery costs in America and especially in California have gone through the roof! If you are looking at living on a fixed income or retiring, it makes sense to move to Italy and now is the best time!

Link to our interview with Dr. Andrea Armenio on Italian healthcare:

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Banca Sella invests €2 million in Italian fintech startup Tot


Banca Sella invests €2 million in Italian fintech startup Tot

Tot, an Italian fintech startup serving freelancers and micro-enterprises, has finalised a €2 million seed founding round from Banca Sella ahead of market entry in early 2022.

Dall’agricoltura, alla finanza: la disruption è ovunque. | Pietro Sella | TEDxBiella

Pietro Sella, CEO del gruppo Banca Sella, racconta come la sua famiglia sia riuscita ad evolversi negli ultimi trecento anni, evolvendo il proprio business dall’agricoltura, alla finanza, passando per l’industria tessile.
Parola d’ordine: disruption. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

La PRIMA Banca Italiana che OPERA con BITCOIN è Banca Sella

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Digital Signage Solutions For Banca Sella S32 – Milan

Banca Sella S32 – Milan
Fintech District
Smart Building Ecosystem

Carta HYPE si aggiorna “FINALMENTE” – Ecco le novità del conto corrente HYPE di banca sella.

Carta Hype è il conto corrente online più diffuso. Carta HYPE è una carta conto di Banca Sella. Dal 1 maggio 2022 carta HYPE si evolverà implementando un sacco di funzioni e aumentando i limiti di utilizzo diventando a tutti gli effetti, anche nella versione base, un vero conto corrente online super completo.
PS: il plafond di hype in versione base passerà da 2500 a 15K annuali

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CRYPTO ( Bitcoin )

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