Genesis Block to shutter trading portal amid FTX fallout


Genesis Block to shutter trading portal amid FTX fallout

Genesis Block, a Honk Kong based cryptocurrency retail service, has told its customers it will be closing its over-the-counter trading portal on the 10th of December 2023. This is being seen as part of the wider fallout from FTX’s collapse and proceeding bankruptcy filing last week.

FTX Fallout: What Sectors Could Benefit?

Bitcoin (BTC) is trading steadily at the $16,000 level as inflation shows signs of easing. Opimas CEO and founder Octavio Marenzi joins “First Mover” to discuss whether bitcoin has hit bottom following FTX’s collapse and which players could benefit from the crypto exchange’s fallout.

Genesis could be a LOT worse than FTX…

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No Bankruptcy For Genesis? SBF Thinks You’re Stupid

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